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Want to pour some pints at your next event? We offer select 30L and 50L kegs for rent out of our taphouse! 


The 50Ls are $230 inc. tax + a $30 keg deposit which you’ll get back once you bring the keg back. The 30Ls are $199 inc. tax + deposit. We rent hand pumps for $20 + a $100 deposit or a Co2 set up for $50 + a $150 deposit. Buckets are free + $50 deposit. 

Brews available in the 50L format are: Mountaineer Pilsner, Bear Paw Honey Lager, Black Tusk Ale, Hazy Trail Pale Ale, Variable Conditions IPA, Mango Sour, or Grapefruit Ale. In the 30L format we have Mountaineer Pilsner. 


Please come by anytime between within opening hours to pick up. We have lots of hand pumps and buckets available but Co2 set ups are limited. For Co2 setups or multiple keg rentals please email us or give us a call to reserve at 604 962 8889 or

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